Restaurant: The Farm on Adderley

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Last Thursday was the second time I had visited this little restaurant in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn. Ditmas Park is within walking distance of my old apartment in southeast Prospect Park, but it feels like you have escaped New York into a peaceful neighborhood filled with gracious old Victorian houses and charming little restaurants. The Farm on Adderley is an American, seasonal restaurant with a great beer and wine selection, known mostly for their burger and red meat which is all sourced locally.

The first time I ate there was for brunch, and my friend Morgan and I sat in the back garden. I had the smoked trout hash with hollandaise (excellent), and Morgan had the scrambled eggs with kale. The best part of brunch was the chocolate brioche, served warm and smothered in butter. This, eaten with great iced coffee while sitting under the September sun, was perfect.

The next time we went, Fall had finally come to Brooklyn, so we sat inside near the bar. We decided on splitting a few things, and started off with acorn squash with sauteed peppers and fried brussels sprouts. This was disappointing. The amount of brussels sprouts amounted to one, and the peppers overwhelmed the flavor of the squash, which is the reason we ordered the dish. However, the french fries made up for it. They were crisp and thick without being soggy, served with an excellent curry mayonnaise (and I am always a sucker for flavored mayos). For our entrée, we split the pan-fried skate with brown-butter sauce, collard greens, and pearl onions. This was lovely, albeit incredibly rich. I had never had skate before, and the sweet, almost crab like meat provided a wonderful foil for the brow-butter sauce. The roasted pearl onions were sweet and delicious, particularly when contrasted with the bitterness of the greens. At the end of the meal, we were both regrettably too full for dessert, but I plan on returning to try the burger and hopefully the salted chocolate mousse soon.