Minnesota in February

As promised, I have uploaded my photos from my quick weekend trip to Minnesota. Now, many of you may not think that MN is the best place to visit, particularly in February, but I beg to differ. Of course, being from there I may be slightly prejudiced, but the Twin Cities have exploded in the last few years with a number of great restaurants, and shops, not to mention the second-most theaters and museums per capita after New York City. If you don't believe me, just check out the James Beard Award nominations for this year -- Twin Cities chefs all over the place! Anyways, this trip was too short to eat at many places, but we did fit in breakfast at Barbette, one of my old favorites, and the BEST chocolate cake you will ever eat from Café Latte (get the turtle cake and don't ask questions. Trust me.) Much of the weekend was spent seeing my youngest sister's play (she was amazing) and hanging out with my family, though a few bottles of wine may have been consumed. The best one was a Domaine d'Auphilac Montpeyroux from Languedoc, which we actually had for the first time on the Upper West Side at Bar Boulud. It was excellent with our impromptu cheese plate and homemade pizza.