Roast Chicken & Kale Salad with Buttermilk Dressing & Challah Croutons

_MG_4493As you may have noticed, we've been pretty into kale lately. Unfortunately, this may be conforming to many stereotypes about Brooklyn residents, but I guess at this point, I've lived here for almost three years so there's nothing to be done. In any case, apart from being the latest vegetable trend, kale really is very good for you, and quite tasty in a variety of preparations. I happen to like it for salad, since you can mix it ahead of time and you don't need to worry about the leaves wilting. This salad makes a great lunch or light dinner, and you could certainly mix in other vegetables -- I just happen to be of the belief that avocados make everything better. (No really, they do.)_MG_4498 _MG_4494

Roast Chicken & Kale Salad with Buttermilk Dressing & Challah Croutons (Dressing adapted from Food & Wine, serves 4 as a main course)

10 stalks kale, center ribs discarded and cut into 1-inch pieces

1 rotisserie chicken, shredded (I used about half the chicken and saved the rest for leftovers)

1 avocado, diced

2 cups challah or other bread, cut into 1-inch pieces

Olive oil

1 tablespoon thyme


1 clove garlic, chopped

1 egg yolk

3 tablespoons buttermilk

1 tablespoon whole grain mustard

1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar

1/2 cup olive oil

Combine first three ingredients in a large bowl. Set aside.

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Toss bread with olive oil and thyme in a large roasting dish until well coated, then roast until golden-brown, about 15 minutes. Let cool.

For dressing: combine first 5 ingredients in a blender with salt and pepper until well blended. Keeping blender on, add olive oil in a slow stream until well incorporated.

Add croutons to salad, then dressing. Toss well to coat, and serve immediately.