Chia Seed Pudding

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We have been having a lot of smoothies lately for breakfast -- which is great, but in an effort to switch things up a bit from the routine, while still being healthy, I decided to try out this chia seed pudding recipe from Food & WineIt couldn't have been easier. Ari was not as big of a fan -- I will admit, the texture takes a little getting used to, but it pretty much just tasted like vanilla almond milk -- so, delicious. I used maple syrup (my dad makes it!) instead of agave, and vanilla almond milk (from Trader Joe's -- it's SO good), and served it with diced mango and just a touch of maple syrup drizzled on top. My note would be to make sure that you shake it occasionally while refrigerating -- the chia seeds in mine were a little unevenly distributed, making some parts more liquidy than others. Overall, it made a delicious, healthy , and filling breakfast -- and I always love anything that you can make the night before to make getting out the door in the morning that much quicker. _MG_4682