Book Release: Now What?!

We take a break from our regularly scheduled programming today for an incredibly exciting announcement: my darling, Ari King (who has been mentioned on this blog in the past) wrote a book. And it was just published! I couldn't be more excited for him. The book itself, called Now What?! Conversations About College, Graduation, and the Next Step, features 60 interviews with a variety of recent graduates, writers, doctors, lawyers, Broadway directors, actors, and more about the last year of college and their first year out. When Ari graduated in 2009, the prospective jobs for college graduates weren't great, and he and many of his classmates weren't sure what they wanted to pursue. And so the idea for this book was born.nw_cover_210 To read more about the book, visit Ari's website here:

I think that this would make an amazing gift for any recent graduates in your life, or for anyone who is looking for some guidance in the path they are pursuing. You can also purchase the book on Amazon here.