Chicken Meatball Banh Mì

_MG_5150 _MG_5152This is very hard to believe now, but I had never had a banh mì sandwich until I was well into college. Vietnamese food wasn't the most prevalent in Minnesota, and I distinctly remember sitting at Hanco's in Park Slope with a friend from who is from New York, realizing what a genius combination pickled vegetables, pork pâté, and spicy mayonnaise is. Since that day, I have had banh mì from different places all over the city (and tried a couple of restaurants in Minnesota too), but I had yet to find a perfect sandwich. Something was always just slightly different -- not spicy enough, too much meat, too little mayo. So when I saw this genius idea, I knew I had to try it out, I subbed ground chicken for pork to make it slightly healthier, but otherwise kept things much the same. Ari quickly declared it one of his favorite dinners, and it has definitely become one of my too.