Happy Halloween!

_MG_5280For someone who wanted to be an actress for most of their life, I was never very good at Halloween (how things change, eh? Though I work down the street from Times Square, so that still counts, right?) Somehow, September would always fly by and then it would be October 30th and I never have a good costume and would just end up being a cowgirl or Carmen Sandiego or something. But this year, we decided to have a little pre-Halloween party, so I decided it was time to come up with a decent costume for once. (Spoiler: it was Medusa. Inexpensive and a little scary = my kind of costume)_MG_5261  


I also surprised myself and ended up getting kind of into the Halloween theme, which ended up being pretty fun -- and I think between the dark n' stormy punch, ghost cake pops, and Sriracha deviled eggs, it was pretty successful. I also made cupcakes with my favorite cake recipe, but used this frosting technique to make spiderwebs. Just in case you were looking for a last-minute Halloween snack (and don't have enough candy) all of these are relatively quick to make._MG_5262

Happy Halloween, everyone!