Tabletop Style: Gilded

The last few weeks have been crazy. Between moving last week, a hurricane, and a little thing called the election, it's been a little chaotic on the East Coast. I was, however, incredibly lucky and didn't lose power or have any damage. However, there are still many who are without power or who lost their homes -- and if you would like to help, there are a ton of options. One great one is the Red Cross, which makes it incredibly easy to donate, and they have a specific hurricane relief section (if you wish, you can donate here)

Anyways, hurricanes aside, let's talk about sparkles! Just kidding. (But only sort of) The chance to redecorate my new apartment has definitely brought out some nesting instincts that I didn't know I had, and they all seem to be concentrating on anything shiny and metallic (much to A's dismay). So while I get my kitchen set up, I ask you to bear with me and in the meantime, here are a few of my favorite gilded items for the holidays. Even a small gold accent immediately dresses up a room or a table, and I think that any of these would make wonderful gifts as well (I especially love those Zara Home tumblers -- and they are incredibly affordable!)