Black & White

I've really been feeling Scandinavian minimalism lately. I think it could be this crazy winter we've been having, but I love the simple, neutral color schemes and variety of textures that the Swedish and Norwegians seem to do so well. I put together a roundup of a few black and white items I've been coveting lately (and I might need to buy that blanket for myself!)

black & white1. blanket/2. tray/3. salt & pepper shakers/4. bag/5. pillow/6. sheepskin/7. napkins/8. teakettle

You might also notice a few changes around here: I decided to do a little redesign to (hopefully) keep the site user-friendly, while making it look a little more modern. I'm still working out a few kinks, so let me know what you think and if you are having any issues!


Fall at Zara Home

How is it November already? Except for the fact that Halloween already happened and it's now about 45 degrees outside, I'm pretty certain that it should still be August. So while I try to distract myself from thoughts of Thanksgiving (plans TBD for the moment), I thought I would share a few of my favorite items from Zara Home's fall collection. I'm a huge fan of Zara Home – like H&M, they have a ton of very affordable options in many different styles, and inventory changes frequently so there's always something new. zara


I am definitely wishing for some gold flatware to add a little holiday sparkle.

On a completely different note, I wanted to share with you all that Ari (who you may have read about here) just launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund his brand-new radio show and podcast, called Off Campus. The show consists of interviews with people from all different career paths and walks of life, talking about their first year out of college and how they got to where they are. They're trying to raise $12,500 by December 4th, so please take a minute to check it out if you're interested (Also you might see a cameo in the Kickstarter video of yours truly). To learn more about the radio show, click here, and to donate to the campaign, click here.

H&M Home Collection

I'm a little late to the game, as H&M's home collection has now been available for several weeks, but I couldn't resist posting about it anyways. My expectations weren't super high, but they surpassed all of them by far. Inexpensive linen sheets? Chic candles? Beautifully styled photos? Check, check and check. I can't speak to the quality of all of the items, but with many pieces coming in at under $20, it might be worth picking up a few things to change up your décor. Here are a few things I have been eying:


All images from Layout created exclusively for 124 Park.

DIY: Paper Anemones

_MG_4694I love fresh flowers. One of the loveliest parts about visiting my parent's house in the spring and summer is the abundance of peonies, lilacs and hydrangeas in their gardens. But having no outdoor space at my apartment, buying fresh flowers every week can get a little expensive. I recently saw these gorgeous paper flowers at West Elm, but even those were a little pricy at $5 apiece. So when I stumbled across this amazing tutorial on The Elli Blog, I couldn't have been happier -- and all you need is a color printer, some wire, and a glue gun. _MG_4691 It did take me a couple of hours (I made 10), but in the end I think it was definitely worth it. I of course won't be giving up fresh flowers completely, but in the meantime, these make a great alternative that last all year-round. Note that the ugly phone in the picture above is one of the unfortunate parts about living in a rented apartment, but I think that the anemones brighten up my little entry way considerably.


Be sure to check out The Elli Blog for more amazing tutorials!


Style Find: Caroline Swift Porcelain Spoons

Porcelain Glazed Spoons, I stumbled across these gorgeous porcelain spoons a few months ago, and have been coveting them ever since. Wouldn't they be perfect for stirring a little sugar into your morning cup of coffee? As they are a little out of my price range at the moment, I'll just have to keep admiring them from afar -- but if you would like to pick some up for yourself, you can find them here, along with Ms. Swift's other beautiful ceramics.

Style Find: Ben Fiess Jars

Ben Fiess Large Jar in Cloudy Cove, $110. Image via Just a quick hello and wanted to share with you these amazing sculptural jars from Minneapolis-based now Philadelphia-based artist Ben Fiess. I saw these a while ago on Design*Sponge, but Ben has since come out with even more beautiful colors and sizes. I have been wanting one of these to grace the shelves of my apartment for a while, but alas, might have to hold off for now. If, however, you are so inclined you can find them online at the gorgeous Brooklyn shop Leif.

Tabletop Style: Gilded

The last few weeks have been crazy. Between moving last week, a hurricane, and a little thing called the election, it's been a little chaotic on the East Coast. I was, however, incredibly lucky and didn't lose power or have any damage. However, there are still many who are without power or who lost their homes -- and if you would like to help, there are a ton of options. One great one is the Red Cross, which makes it incredibly easy to donate, and they have a specific hurricane relief section (if you wish, you can donate here)

Anyways, hurricanes aside, let's talk about sparkles! Just kidding. (But only sort of) The chance to redecorate my new apartment has definitely brought out some nesting instincts that I didn't know I had, and they all seem to be concentrating on anything shiny and metallic (much to A's dismay). So while I get my kitchen set up, I ask you to bear with me and in the meantime, here are a few of my favorite gilded items for the holidays. Even a small gold accent immediately dresses up a room or a table, and I think that any of these would make wonderful gifts as well (I especially love those Zara Home tumblers -- and they are incredibly affordable!)